No Value Added
OK Time, Royal Centre Mall, Vancouver

Rosamunde Bordo and Sol Hashemi

A former restaurant within a dying mall provides the staging grounds for OK Time, a
multifunction gathering, production, and now exhibition space. The first exhibition, No
Value Added offers non-value added moments to the financial district of Vancouver.

Within manufacturing, non-value added (NVA) is a term for activities that do not
transform a product meaningfully for a customer. Some NVA examples include:
unnecessary steps in a process; unnecessary movement of goods or resources;
unnecessary paper-work within or between departments; rework due to defects;
corrections due to process steps not completed properly; improper delivery of services
to customers (internal and external) leading to customer dissatisfaction; unnecessary
storage of raw materials or finished goods; important organization resources such as
expensive machinery or labour lying idle; delay in delivery to customers (internal and
external) due to unnecessary waiting time.

Potato prints, bread sculptures, beverages, and more!

A note on entry: Royal Centre Mall locks at 6pm. Entrance to mall is available after mall
hours through the 1055 W Georgia St. security entrance. OK Time is located on level
R1, across from the smoked meat shop, PHAT, and near the Melville entrance.
Alternate entrance details available on sandwich board located outside Royal Centre at
the Melville St. entrance.